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Postdoc position

A traditional focus of the group is on the "theory of simulations." Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics provides the theoretical framework within which computer simulations are the numerical tool to obtain thermodynamic information and, in applications to relevant systems, to gain deeper understanding by coarse graining (see here for details). We look for a postdoc who strengthens us in our efforts to develop thermodynamically founded simulation methods with applications to relevant problems. Participation in the education of students of materials science is expected.

In addition to a solid background in static and dynamic simulation methods (Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, Brownian dynamics), we expect a good knowledge of modern nonequilibrium thermodynamics and its statistical foundations.

We have recently extended the methods of coarse graining to obtain a thermodynamic approach to quantum dissipation (see basic idea, details). Two PhD students are currently working on that topic and hence the leadership of an experienced postdoc with a background in the field of quantum dissipation would be very welcome.

Well-prepared, convincing applications should be sent to Hans Christian Öttinger

PhD positions

Rather than looking for students for open positions only, we are willing to create PhD positions for students if we can be convinced that they are truly outstanding, highly motivated candidates with a solid background in a field related to our research interests.

Applications should include:

  • Information about grades and other measures of success
  • At least two letters of recommendation
  • Information about personal interests and potential topics of mutual interest (see research and publications)

Well-prepared, convincing applications should be sent to Hans Christian Öttinger or to a contact person listed for a specific topic (see below).

Examples for possible topics:

Hilfsassistent(in) (German language)

Für die Betreuung der Übungen zu den Vorlesungen werden Hilfsassistenten gesucht! Interessiert? Wenden Sie sich bitte an Hans Christian Öttinger

Further Opportunities, Fellowships

(for bright and highly motivated young scientists who are not ideally suited for any of the above positions but would fit well into the group)

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